Why BeFit Foods

We started our pre-packaged meal services to provide a convenience to our local community, weather you’re a busy family, an individual who would rather be enjoying the great outdoors, or a corporate employee wanting to spend your weekends enjoying your family and friends we are here to do the work for you.

We understand the importance of eating organic food that is free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. All of the food with our name on it will not only be organic but whenever possible it will be locally sourced as well. This means Reno's local farms, ranches and business will have our support. Farm to table is exactly what you will find with BeFit Foods.

We use the purest products available today without preservatives or refined anything. We have an extensive menu that caters to a variety of nutritional needs: gluten free, vegetarian, paleo, vegan and yes even “competition clean” options for all of you competitive athletes out there. If that isn’t specific enough, you have the option to custom order your own meals.

All of our packing is environmentally friendly and are microwave or oven safe. No additional hassle or dishes required when you order your BeFit meals, just heat and enjoy with easy clean-up.

Our BeFit program offers you the option of having nutritious pre-packaged meals delivered right to your door on a weekly basis. Single serving and family packs are available.

Not only are our meals prepared with the highest nutritional standards, but we have a team of medical and nutritional experts to make sure our Fit meals have ideal ratio’s and are portion controlled. Wether your watching your waist line, cholesterol or if your a “health nut” like us, you already know that the most important factor to how you look and feel is what your eating. Our unique service provides healthy nutritious meals that will please even the pickiest pallet.

Last, but certainly not least we understand the importance of offering healthy meals to today's youth. Not only do we have a kids menu that caters to picky eaters we have a kids lunch program. With a variety of hot and cold lunches these meals are sure to satisfy your little ones while taking the stress off your shoulders. Here at BeFit Foods, we want to help inspire you to be healthy and fit all while not sacrificing flavor. Stop in, or give us a call today! Changing lives, one bite at a time.