Frequently Asked Questions

What does BFF stand for?

BFF actually stands for BeFit Foods. It’s our official name. Early on we were playing  around with marketing our acronym, BFF. Realizing that it had a dual meaning, BeFit Foods and Best Friends Forever… so we did a play on words and now we call ourselves “your body’s best friend.”

 Who are Jen and Gwen Anyway?

Owners of BeFit Foods, Jen and Gwen, are 2 best friends from Reno with a passion for improving the health of their community. They are both Fitness and Nutrition Specialists with extensive athletic backgrounds. Jen is a Registered Nurse and Gwen is a Corporate Executive at Microsoft. These ladies are not only knowledgeable when it comes to health and nutrition but they live the practice they preach.

What sort of results can I expect to see from eating Fuel Packs®?

Individual results may vary. That being said, many guests see fat loss, improved energy, better sleep, improved athletic performance, decreased need for prescription medications and clearer, brighter skin tone… oh and did we mention fat loss!

Why does your method work?

Fuel Packs® work because they have a balanced ration of carbs, protein and fat. They also use only the best ingredients with none of the bad stuff. These meals are scientifically designed to provide optimal health and flavor. A win, win!

Can I fill full and still lose weight?

Fuel Packs® were designed for optimal health per meal. Many of the meals are gluten free, calorie and diabetic friendly. That being said we have carefully chosen vegetables that are low in calories but have high satiety. Which means you will feel full longer and dieting becomes a breeze. 

How long do your meals last?

We don't use any preservatives in our food so 7 days is the average shelf life. Unless we are talking salmon which can turn quicker. We put an expiration on every meal so there is no question. 

Can your meals be frozen?

Our meals are made fresh for you. If you choose to freeze them, we recommend no longer than 3 months. They are just as tasty either way you choose. With Fuel Packs® you can’t go wrong. 

What is the best way to heat the Fuel Packs®?

When heating your Fuel Packs® we recommend heating them through in a pan and add your choice of sauce at the end. If you're in a pinch a microwave will do.

What's up with your packaging?

We are glad you asked… We are in the process of switching everything over to environmentally friendly packaging. Be on the look out for what looks like clear plastic. It’s actually a biodegradable material made from corn and will break down in a composter within 30 days… cool huh?

Do you plan on adding more variety?

BeFit Foods uses locally sourced organic products whenever possible. This means that the current produce selection will not alway be available depending on the season. Yes, expect to see seasonal menu changes. We also pride ourselves on being innovative. Occasionally we will replace menu items with new fresh options.