About Us

Our Vision is to create healthier communities by decreasing obesity rates through healthy clean eating.

Our Mission is to make available the best food for your body…balanced meals that taste great. Simple. Fast. Healthy. Delicious.

Our Expectations are our Codes of Conduct...they are a two-way street...they are where we meet

Respect - we believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect; everyone

Fairness - we believe in playing by the “rules” and our rules are transparent; see our Core Values ( Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Growth & Health) and our Company Commitments (Trust, Consistency, Honesty & Quality)

Team - we believe this is a team effort and we are asking you to share in our mission of creating a healthier community...one fit meal at a time

Friendliness - we believe we can never miss an opportunity to be friendly and kind to someone, you never know what’s going on in their life: just saying hello and smiling can go a long way

Fun - we believe life and work need to include a good healthy dose of fun and we can create an atmosphere that supports that

BeFit Foods has something for every BODY.

Eliminate your need to shop, prep, worry or hurry.  Is your life in the market to eat well, gain time and insert greater health and happiness?

Perfect. This is going to be a wonderful friendship.


Whether you are a busy parent on the fly, a gym-goer on the run, whether you have dietary restrictions or allergies, any fitness level or athlete, any age or stage of life, BeFit Foods cares about your health and time. And taste buds too! 

We look forward to a long-term relationship. 

Everything starts with a good idea.  Those who care to make a difference will take a good idea and make it a freaking great idea! 

Our story begins by giving a hoot about health, life & time with a full understanding that every BODY is different and requires a little special attention

Our promise: To be your body’s best friend, providing fresh, healthy and customizable meals, while being mindful of time, eliminating your need to plan, shop, prep, cook or clean. 

How? We’re glad you asked. 

With thoughtful consideration to nutrition and respect for quality and taste, our BFF team has developed the perfect friendship, infusing nutritional experts with a professional chef who together, assert a zest for creative, nutritious and delicious foods and beverages.

A convenient and healthy alternative to fast food.