Why BFF Cafe goes Organic?

We live in a society full of disease. Heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes are responsible for the vast majority of deaths and morbidity in our nation. The medical literature suggests that our diet is a major factor in developing these diseases. To begin to correct todays diseases we need to be eating clean, pesticide free, unprocessed food. Our mission at BFF is to provide our customers with just that.

BFF Cafe believes in eating organic. This is not the latest trend, it is us getting back to our "roots", fueling our bodies the way our great-great-grandparents did. GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, ionizing radiation, growth hormones and antibiotics didn’t exist in our food supply back then. Over the last 100 years our farming practices and diet have changed significantly.

"You cant expect to fuel your body and achieve optimal health by eating food, laced with toxic chemicals, that your body doesnt recognize. So, why settle for getting by when you can thrive?"

Dr. Amy Meyers New York Times Bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution

Herbicides and pesticides are very toxic. These chemicals are linked to cancer and reproductive damage, among other diseases. Most conventionally raised live stock are fed a combination of GMO corn and soy. Not to mention the feed thats laced with hormones and antibiotics. A genetically engineered bovine growth hormone called rBGH is given to dairy cows to increase milk production. These hormones and antibiotics make their way into our food supply and into our bodies. 

Dr. Meyers also says "Genetic engineering alters crops to make them weather- and pest-resistant. GMO Corn for example was combined with bacteria in order to produce its own insecticide, called Bt-toxin. Bt-toxin kills insects by destroying the lining of their digestive tracts. The poison is not specific to insects and also pokes holes in human cells, damaging the intestines and causing leaky gut." The Bt-toxin in produce such as corn cant be washed off. It’s part of the plants genetic makeup.

If you want to avoid pesticides we advise always buy organically grown produce. We know buying organic can be expensive. If buying 100% organic isn’t in the budget or possible we do recommend referencing the 2016 Dirty Dozen List:


Another excellent reference is the following CNN report: 


Note that strawberries are number one on the dirty list. A single strawberry could contain up to 17 different pesticides, yikes! Many experts suggest that the EPA’s standards are too lenient to protect the public and we agree. There are new studies published all the time suggesting chemicals that we are frequently exposed to and often times previously deemed "safe" are now causing disease.

When you visit BFF you can trust that we have your best interest in mind. Stop in today to see how eating healthy never tasted so good.

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