Meet our Operations Manager Jamie Evans Eastland

Born and raised in reno Nevada. I started in the restaurant business when I was 15 as a hostess and over the last 20 years or so have bartended, waitressed, cocktailed in several restaurants and casinos. The last 10 years I have been a manager of Homeowners Associations as well as holding a second job whether it be bartending or waitressing. 

Three years ago, on February 2, 2014 I decided to change my world and live my life. I realized that I had a problem with alcohol and needed to get help. I put myself through a voluntary outpatient program called Step 2 and from there mine and my wonderful now 11-year-old son’s life changed. I took up running with my dog as something to keep my mind busy because as an alcoholic you look for anything to fill your time. Also around that time I met my amazing husband John Eastland who was really into lifting weights. Obviously, we hit it off since we are now married but he showed me everything I needed to know about proper lifts, proper form and from then I was hooked. I started hitting the gym with him 5 to 6 times a week.

I came from the background of thinking that I needed to be skinny so my food skills consisted of basically not eating a whole lot in a day, I thought I was being healthy. I discovered very quickly that I needed to eat to be able to lift weights so with Johns help he showed me a little about eating correctly. My body started to change and people around me started to notice and say, “hey you should do a fitness competition” I was like “um, yeah right” About 3 months later my husband and I opened up a personal training business and I decided that “hey, so let’s try this fitness competition thing, what do I have to lose” and I began to train for a local show called Best in the West.

Now this is where I really had to learn about food. I knew there was a science behind eating right, losing weight but gaining lean muscle and I just needed to figure out who could help. My husband and I went to a local restaurant I had read about just by punching the words healthy restaurants in Reno into google and up popped BFF Café.

After eating at BFF Cafe we realized that the owners Jen Boscovich and Gwen Sedler knew what they were doing and this is who I needed to have in my corner if I wanted to win. Long story short. Jen ended up meeting with my husband and I and created my meal plan along with two other girls that my husband and I were training and they also had plans to enter the fitness competition with me. Everything Jen said would happen with my body happened, the little things she altered and tweaked were mind-blowing and I ended up winning my first every Figure Competition and our team of only 3 took second place.

Along the way we all developed a working relationship and a friendship. One day I was meeting with Jen after my competition and I saw they were hiring and I asked what for and Jen stated she needed someone to run the restaurant. About a week later I was offered the position and I accepted. BFF Café, the Crew and the science I soon learned they use to create their food is not the only reason you should eat here but it is a good one. It is truly a lifestyle change and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to work beside some of the best people and to possibly be able to help make a small difference in changing someone’s life. This is truly my passion!

Stop by for a Protein Coffee or one of our famous Zoodle's and I would be happy to introduce you to BFF Cafe and all that we have to offer!

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