Secret Weight Loss Weapon: Water

If you’re trying to shed some fat and having a difficult time, you might be missing one important weapon in your fat blasting arsenal: water. It’s no secret that weight loss is highly dependent on water, but why?

Water is absolutely imperative to weight loss. One of the main reasons we harp on our competitors and weight loss clients to drink so much water is because your liver needs adequate water to function. Why does this matter? Because your liver is the organ in your body responsible for metabolizing fat.

That’s right. If your liver isn’t functioning properly, fat in your diet can’t be metabolized as it should be, and consequently gets stored to fat in the body…which is totally counterproductive to what we’re trying to do when we’re dieting!

The other important aspect of water as it relates to your internal organs and fat burning is that dehydration can slow your metabolism. So in a lot of cases, it’s not simply that drinking water can increase your body’s ability to burn fat and calories (though some studies have shown that ice water can increase metabolism), it’s that by not ingesting enough water, your body’s fat burning abilities are hindered, and weight loss may take longer than it has to.

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